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Rhythm Vintage Purple
Rhythm Venetian Grey
Minerva - Turquoise
Artusfact R

 Get angular with Shards. Get the slim-fit black v-neck for men, and the "boyfriend tee" for women.


 Get the lightweight Rhythm hoodie in vintage purple and venetian grey. Supplies are limited, so act fast!


As summer approaches a close, sit down, relax and enjoy the Sunset. Available in Cardinal red and Palomino. Striping continues from the chest to the sleeves to ensure you're covered.

To help support the Stanford Solar Car Project's campaign in the 2011 World Solar Car Challenge, Artus Clothing will donate $1 for each Sunset tee ordered before October 1st, 2011.


 We're pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Stanford Solar Car Project's entry into the 2011 World Solar Car Challenge. The team has been supplied with some great custom hoodies to keep warm on the late nights wrapping up all the final details on their car, Xenith. Check them out at solarcar.stanford.edu!


We just introduced the most advanced outerwear piece in Artus history!

AVII is water resistant and has an iPod/MP3 holder built into the pocket with the ability to run your earbud wires inside the jacket. On windy days, you can tuck your hands in and make use of the thumbholes in the cuffs!

If you feel like you would rather tone it down and style it up you can unzip and remove the hood. It’s a track jacket too!

We had to put some flavor in this one so we added our 2011 logo in a gold crème stitching and did a shadowed print of a sleek all-over design. Go grab one before they run out. We’ve made a limited run since Spring is months away.

Enjoy, loyal Artus friends! 



Artus Clothing Take a look at our Warehouse Deals section to get some special pricing on great gear! 


 We just wanted to share with you a special promotion for the holiday season, running this weekend only! Starting on midnight Thursday, all of our outerwear will be on sale. This special event will last until Monday the 29th at midnight. Be on the lookout for amazing savings for up to 50% off to keep you and your loved ones warm, toasty and stylish! We hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


Minerva is here! The Roman goddess of poetry, wisdom and medicine also invented music. This summer, wear her around the beach and to all the best shows. We've got her in turquoise to match the waters of the Mediterranean for your next trip to the coast. She'll soon be available in a gentle blue to match the season's afternoon skies. 



After months of scouring the Sahara, the Grand Canyon, and every potentially fruitful crevice in between, our crack-squad of pencil-pushing lab-monkeys has returned from their pilgrimage with a true Artus relic! Upon their return, we were quick to work a deal for their find. Intense negotiations landed “Team Nintendo” an undisclosed number of World of Warcraft subscriptions. In exchange? Artus has obtained their long awaited and vastly sought-after long-sleeve shirt: “The ARTUSFACT” in both ASPHALT and RED!! Even Matt “Million Points” Hoke looks like a million bucks in it! Good thing we at Artus know what he really looks like… Enjoy Artusans.


Artus has just released a winter gem. Keep warm but stay flossy with the new Frost hoodie. You can find it in our Men's Outerwear section.